With so many new synthetic materials coming out to mimic real mink, spotting a faux fur can be difficult. Lucky for you, there are simple ways to determine real fur from a fake! I hope this will give you clear and simple instructions on how to check the lashes you bought to find out if it is genuine or fake fur.  

One way to determine if your lashes are authentic is the price.  If you bought your lashes for $5-$20 your lashes are most likely a fake.  You know what they saying, "you get what you pay for"  If lash companies can sell authentic mink lashes for only $5 that would mean that they bought those lashes for pennies to make a profit.  Being in this business for many years and working with several lash companies including the ones who sell to brand names, I can tell you that you cannot buy authentic mink lashes for pennies.  We feel that if you are a lash lover who pays top dollar to get real mink lashes, you have the right know know if you are getting what you pay for.  

Another good way to find out if your lashes are authentic is to do a burn test. Hold a match to the fibers to examine how they burn and smell.  It’s preferable you do this in a closed area like over the bathroom sink so you can determine the odor.  When burned, faux fur will usually smells artificial like plastics.  However, genuine fur gives off that distinctive burnt hair odor.  Real fur crinkles up very fast just like human hair does and burns into ash.