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A quick alternative to applying eyebrows! 
Great for someone on the go and doesn’t have time for eyebrow makeup.

If you’re suffering from major hair loss due to a condition or have ultra fine eyebrows, then THIS IS FOR YOU! 


  1. For best results, make sure you exfoliate the eyebrow area and wipe off with alcohol.
  2. If applying on thin or patchy eyebrows, trim your brow hair before Application.
  3. Start cutting out the eyebrow design and remove the plastic protective film.
  4. Align and position the tattoo with your natural eyebrows. TIP: use a ruler for a more accurate positioning
  5. Use a damp cloth and firmly press onto the back of paper while dampening it and hold for 60 seconds.
  6. Slowly lift off the paper and you’ll reveal a beautiful eyebrow design.
  7. Blend the outline edges Of the tattoo by using a natural skin tone powder.

To extend the life of the tattoo, use translucent powder to keep it dry and avoid using lotions, oils and moisturizers.

TO REMOVE TATTOO: Apply baby oil and wipe with washcloth.